Why Choose Us?

Why choose us? Make no mistake our references speaks for itself. Having worked in the most hostile areas in the world and having been in Close Protection Training for an extensive number of years and therefor know the standards. An analysis was made as to the standard we set and that of the modern bodyguard and we can surely say that we are ahead of the required standard.

What we want to give back is something that you will find nowhere else in the world and that is the confidence and the ability to produce the quality that comes with  experience. We not only want to be the best, but we also want to be spoken of for many years to come. Having worked in the field for so many years we saw fit to give back to the community our collective experiences. We are looking at empowering people from all areas, locally and abroad.

We will make a success of our business, due to our versatility and ability to change with modern times. There are no limitations to what we can do.


  • We strive to be the best Personal Protection Company.
  • We ensure that our clients received value for their money
  • We provide a professional service
  • We will continue to have the most committed and highly trained, motivated personnel to serve our clients
  • We go beyond the call of duty, to serve our clients across all spectrums
  • We determine and develop individual potential of all staff members and provide stimulation within the working environment for it to be utilised.

ZANS utilizes Close Protection Operatives (CPOs) of the highest calibre for this service. Our team is multi-skilled and cannot be seen for their security expertise in isolation.

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