The Team

ZANS utilises Close Protection Operatives (CPOs) of the highest calibre for this service. Our team is multi-skilled and cannot be seen for their security expertise in isolation.

The main responsibilities of a Close Protection Operative in relation to our Clients include:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Peace of mind

Employees are trained in-house to ensure consistency and reliability of service, since recruitment is made from different disciplines with different training methodologies.

Our preferred style of operations is to work in a discreet, low profile, non-intrusive or covert manner, blending in with the Client.

Selective recruitment policies, together with the signing of a Confidentiality / Non-disclosure Agreement, ensures that our Clients confidential and propriety information remains intact.

Risk in all its forms remains one of the most significant issues facing any client. Comprehending the full spectrum of risk requires the security practitioner to understand the client’s business and how it relates to the reality on the ground and there after provide recommendations in risk mitigation.

Security Audits and Risk Management Surveys:

Risk management is a process which begins with a detailed and thorough security survey. Information is the key to threat and risk mitigation. A detailed analysis of the client and his environment will facilitate the planning and risk management process.

The collection and accurate assessment of information is a critical component of any risk analysis process and ZANS have developed unique skills sets in this area.


Zunaid  - pic - 1a


Our Chief Close Protection Operative (CPO) is Zunaid Wadee. Zunaid is a recognised, highly respected expert in the demanding field of executive protection. He was educated in South Africa to matric level and began his career in 1979 and has continued in the discipline of personal safety and security, competing several courses and specialist qualifications.

Zunaid is an expert in VIP, Corporate and Sports security. He has worked with various Global Corporate Executives and Sporting bodies.

He accompanied the South African National Cricket Team on their official tours to various countries. He is currently still assigned to the National Cricket Team. Since the 2008 Inaugural Indian Premier League(IPL) he was the chosen Security Liaison Officer for the Kolkata Knight Riders and has since been assigned to other franchises within the IPL as well.

During November 2008 Zunaid was a member of the South Africa team of seven security specialists that assisted in taking 150 people trapped in the luxury Taj Hotel in Mumbai to safety in the midst of a hostile armed terrorist attack on that city.

In 2008, at the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, he joined a team of security specialist operatives to secure a hospitality venue for a US-based client for the duration of the Games. This assignment was again repeated for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada.

At the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Zunaid was assigned as Security Liaison Office to the President of Coca Cola. He was responsible for the safety and security of the President and his family for the duration of the tournament.

Clients he has worked with vary from President and CEO of Coca Cola, CEO of Zurich Financial Services, Chevron Texaco and Oprah. These are but a few of the assignments/clients Zunaid has worked on/with.